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Episode 2: Lima Company, Iraq 2007

This podcast contains graphic imagery and language. It is not recommended for those under the age of 18 or those sensitive to violence, death, and war.

In this episode, we speak with Infantry Assaultman Chris Croghan to hear his story about his experience in the war in Iraq.

Lima Company, Iraq


On September 8th, 2010, nine pirates took over the MV Magellan Star, a massive 440-foot-long cargo ship. The ship's crew killed the engine and ran into a safe room, deep within the ship. What the pirates didn't know, was that a team of Force Recon Marines were nearby.

I spoke to Zach Love, a Force Recon Marine, who charged straight for the ship and lived to tell the tale. Find out what happens on the debut episode of Grunt.


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Mission Statement:                  

Grunt is an independent podcast. Run by Veterans for Veterans.

Our work focuses exclusively on creating and sustaining a sense of national understanding about the experience and sacrifices made by military service members. We do this by producing content that tells war stories, shining a light on the struggles of war.

We strive to educate and enlarge the audience of people who care about our Veterans and Military Service Members.

Currently, we are exploring ways to becoming a 501 (c) organization.


New York native Alex Cwalinski, joined the Marine Corps after dropping out of community college. He deployed to Iraq in 2006 and worked as a lead vehicle gunner for convoy security missions. After returning from Iraq, Cwalinski passed indoctrination as a Reconnaissance Marine, graduating from the Basic Reconnaissance Course in 2007. He deployed to Afghanistan as a Force Reconnaissance Marine in 2008 and took part in the Battle of Shewan, the largest ground-to-ground firefight since the Vietnam War.

After getting involved in Radio Production and Podcasting, Cwalinski wants to help share and preserve Veteran's stories. Besides working on Grunt, Cwalinski currently operates Go the Travel Podcast. He has a BA from University of California, Berkeley.